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May 2015
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7 Keys to Empower Your Intentions

Editor’s Note:  As 2012 begins, David’s words of wisdom on the subject of setting intentions feel particularly relevant. On behalf of David and the Chopra Center, may you and your loved ones enjoy a beautiful new year and the spontaneous fulfillment of your greatest intentions and dreams.

7 Keys to Empower Your Intentions (from the Chopra Center Newsletter)

The essence of a spiritual journey is relinquishing our attachment to a particular outcome, yet each of us has intentions and desires we’d like to see manifest in our lives. The wisdom traditions offer guidance that can help us increase the probability that our good intentions will translate into the outcomes we seek.

1. One-pointedness
The Vedas tell us that purity of thought and fixity of purpose are the secret to a life of fulfillment. Ask yourself, “What do I really want?” Consider, to the extent possible, how manifesting your desire will influence and enhance the quality of your life. Then, make a commitment to take the first step along the path to fulfillment.

2. Discipline.
Discipline is the commitment to learning and practice. The word discipline derives from the same root as the word disciple, which means “being open to receive.” The fruit of discipline is grace – the universe adds its power and creativity to your capability, and you manifest something that at one point seemed beyond your reach.

3. Timing
Mastering the power of intention includes honoring the rhythms of life. There is a time to act and a time to practice forbearance. Staying tuned in to the synchronistic clues around you enables optimal results with minimal effort.

4. Discernment
Attention is the most powerful force in human awareness. Whatever we place our attention on grows stronger in our lives. Apply your attention with conscious discrimination, and nature will support you in the fulfillment of your desires.

5. Surrender
We have control over our next choice, but no control over the consequences of our choice. Knowing this, focus your resources on the choice in front of you, set the desired trajectory, and then let go, observing the outcome with curiosity and amusement. Like an accomplished archer, become clear on the target, pull back your bow to a point of stillness, release the arrow, and see what happens.

6. Oneness
Return to the state where all desires arise and are fulfilled. Bringing silence into your daily practice through meditation and yoga cultivates a state of abundance consciousness. Whatever you are seeking to accomplish in the world of form and phenomena, you can access the feeling you are striving to generate by quieting your mind and entering into the state of timeless awareness.

7. Reflection and Lightheartedness
It is easy to waste life energy taking credit for our accomplishments and casting blame for our failures. Instead of focusing on self-importance or self-pity, this energy would be better invested in making use of the lesson learned to make more evolutionary choices. Spiritual warriors practice sobriety without taking themselves too seriously. In this way, we align our personal wants and desires with universal intent. Nature then supports the fulfillment of our desires, as the line between individual and universal becomes nearly indistinguishable.

Have faith that the universe will help organize your intentions and hope that the consequences of your intentions will bring peace, happiness, love, and meaning to you and all those affected by your choices.

Best wishes for an evolutionary New Year.

With love,

2 Comments to “7 Keys to Empower Your Intentions”

Comment from evelyn
Time at 6:12 pm

re above comment..if you can expand further your meaning of abundace consciousness i will be grateful.

Comment from Maya, Sweden
Time at 2:42 am

The “Surrender” bit is really your masterpiece, containing the essence of eternal wisdom. I’ve noticed myself that once we follow also Eckhart Tolle’s advice to become aware of and let go of our knee-jerk resistance to “what is”, whenever it starts making us feel bad, a practice that takes a mere few weeks before it becomes automatic, we settle into an inner state of peace through acceptance which is the real aim behind all of our intentions. And only in this state of inner peace and happiness can we act playfully, lightheartedly in the world, knowing and feeling that the true aim of our intentions has already been fulfilled. That’s the blissful “abundance consciousness” we all aspire to. Thanks, David, for keeping us posted on this.

I’ve been sending you blessings in my meditations ever since the Chopra Center asked us to and hope you’ll give us reason to keep up this delightful habit for decades to come!
Love, Maya

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