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May 2015
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Dharma: The Heart of Existence

We commonly use the word dharma to “mean purpose in life.” Another meaning of the word is “essence.” Your essence is the heart of your existence. Your dharma is the essence of you who are. From your essence arise your intentions. Your intentions drive your thoughts. Your thoughts give rise to your words. Your words are translated into actions – your actions into habits of behavior. Your habits of behavior manifest as your contribution to the world. This is your dharma.

Being in dharma means aligning your intentions, thoughts, words, and actions with your essence. This requires the power of commitment. A commitment is a contract between your body, mind, and soul. When you empower your intentions with commitment, your actions, thoughts, and feelings express your highest Self. You manifest your dharma in the world, bringing fulfillment to you and those affected by your choices.

You may have discovered your dharma in your work, as a parent, or in helping others move from constriction to expansion. Yet dharma is always unfolding, and we can continue to move along the most evolutionary path by enlivening the Law of Dharma in our lives. Here are a few practices that can help you deepen your connection to your own essence and purpose:

  • I cultivate inner stillness through my meditation or yoga practice, which then allows me to hear the quiet messages that emerge from the deepest level of my being.
  • I connect to my life’s purpose by asking someone I know truly loves and cares about me, “What do you think is my best quality, trait or talent?”
  • I ask myself, “How could I bring more creativity, passion, or joy into what I am doing?”
  • I nurture a shift in my internal dialogue from “What’s in it for me?” to “How can I serve?” I notice how when I am doing what I love, I am able to bring joy and inspiration to those around me.
  • I look for opportunities to do one thing for another person that brings a smile to their face.
  • I consider what I would like most to hear from someone and I say these words to another person.
  • I take the time to do something that I love and share my enthusiasm or creation with another person.

If we are willing to make a new commitment to translate our intentions into choices, peace, happiness, love, and abundance begin flowing into our lives. We align with our sacred purpose and fully live our dharma.

With love,

13 Comments to “Dharma: The Heart of Existence”

Comment from Charlie
Time at 8:26 am

This morning, while writing a goodbye note to my cousin, I received an email from Chris Dorris’ Blog. There, I learned for the first time about David Simon and his passing. I viewed the video celebration and read about David’s life…full of meaning. I’ve decided to live again. God be with you and yours, David. Charlie

Comment from Deborah Shemesh
Time at 7:49 am

We will continue to share David’s grace, beauty, vision and passion. From healer to healed.

Comment from Pat Milland
Time at 12:18 pm

I knew when I read this you were on your way. I felt it. Yet you will always be with us in spirit and all this is good.

Comment from caarol
Time at 12:43 am

thanks for this wonderfull message and inspiration !! light&love carol

Comment from caarol
Time at 12:43 am

thanks for this wonderfull message and inspiration !! light&love carol

Comment from cindi z
Time at 11:20 pm

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat…xoxo

Comment from Susana
Time at 5:38 pm

Very important, clear and well written. Thanks.

Comment from Silvina
Time at 2:19 pm

Thanks… Trying to find my dharma :)

Comment from Leilani Ware
Time at 2:16 pm

Dear David,
I think of you every day!!!
I love the way you think, write and speak!!!
Thank you for sharing such beautiful wisdom.
Sending you peace, LOVE, and well wishes!!
Love, Leilani

Comment from Diane Allen
Time at 1:48 pm

I spent a weekend at Healing the heart, last year and David’s dharma, sharing his brilliance and helping others to heal, has been with me ever since. David was very ill and had to be assisted to the stage for his talks. I could not believe that he still wanted to spend his days teaching and talking when he didn’t even know if he was going to live.
That stays with me and I think of it often. I hope that I find that kind of dharma/passion/love in my life. David is my inspiration. What a magnificent weekend that was. Thank you!

Comment from liliana
Time at 1:34 pm

Hi David,we are so many those who you touch our soul that all the love we sent you will cure you for sure.You are not alone,you are part of us and we need you.All our love,kisses,hugs,…for you.

Comment from Christy Lord
Time at 1:26 pm

What beautiful thoughts and actions you have given us. Will try my best to live by these principals each and every day.

Comment from Maria Casacalenda
Time at 12:57 pm

I was thinking of you today in yoga class David. I hope you are feeling well. Much love to you


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